Tiny Pterandon
Tiny dinosaur train
Name Tiny Pterandon
Dislikes Her Flowers dying (In the episode "Tiny's Flowers")
Gender Female

Tiny, who loves to make rhymes, is quite clever and very brave. Tiny approaches every dinosaur she meets with the confidence of a news reporter trying to get the full scoop. Tiny is so brave that she often wanders a little bit too far; but, Buddy is always there to help her get back on the right track. And in return, Tiny is fiercely protective of her brother Buddy. Tiny also has two Pteranodon siblings: Don and Shiny.Tiny was the last one to hatch.


Tiny is a younge Pteranodon who loves to make funny faces and sing, but she loves to make rhymes too. Tiny can get upset sometimes, when Buddy and his Therapod friends were cheering their club name, Tiny got upset, but when Tiny goes to the flying club, Buddy doesn't get upset


Tiny's apperance is a light-apple green color (Like her Mom and Dad), and light green freckles on her beak and blue eyes.


  • Buddy - Buddy is her best friend and older brother,
  • Shiny - Shiny and tiny are sisters, they love to fly together, but they have arguments.
  • Don- Don and Tiny don't really talk, but don isn't a good flyer, as much as Tiny.



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