Buddy and annie
Name Annie
Gender Female
Favorite Thing to Do Playing with Buddy

Annie is a T-Rex, best friends with Buddy. Annie lives in Rexville with her mom, her Dad often migrates without the rest of the family.


Annie is a perfect child or any family, she's polite, cheerful, and funny. She loves to play games, but she can be selfish sometimes, especially when Buddy's there. Annie and buddy are best friends. She can be mea and rude sometimes. In I'm a T-Rex! She questioned Buddy about why he lives with flying dinosaurs, or why doesn't he feel left out. Annie onced asked buddy to move in with her Family, so he can stay with their own species.


Annie's Appearance is more differant then Buddy's but both have the same traits with the "Greymon Family Color" and having Blue freckles on her face.


Buddy and annie meets

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